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Saturday, 4 August 2012


There are times ... hard times ... when I feel stressed.

You would never know when one of these 'times' was upon me ... unless you were very, very unlucky ... as I have become very adept at keeping it all bottled up.

But it seems that sometimes life and all it's horrors (that creep up on me like a very quietly charging bull elephant) are out to get me!

These are the times that my elasticated sanity is stretched almost to snapping point only to be thankfully twanged back into some semblance of normality, leaving me with a huge feeling of relief, in very much the same way as a first time bungee jumper will feel relieved when they realise that the bungee cord IS going to hold them after all.

Today is one of those days!

But I'm still waiting for the TWANG !

My dog has cancer!  My car is once again off the road!  Money is scarce!

And I don't have many friends (not everyone likes my sense of humour)!

And I just hate everybody and everything!


Ok! So I've just taken a short break from writing. I've had a coffee and trawled the internet for more pictures that I can add captions to,  and ... TWANG!!! ... I'm feeling a little bit better!

My problems are not gone, but I do feel a little bit more capable of dealing with them.

Common sense tells me I should now delete this post and keep my little secret but logic tells me that I wouldn't feel a little bit more able to cope if I hadn't actually started to write it all down.

So it's here to stay.

Of course, it could be all just down to watching all those women giving themselves wedgies whilst running in the final leg of the Triathlon on TV that cheered me up.


  1. So far I've managed to watch none of the TV coverage of the Olympics, I get quite enough from the news and friends raving on about it until I lose the will to live.
    I guess we all have those days that drive you to the edge but I'm sure things will look better tomorrow. Cheers mate.

  2. I hope that this next quarter brings better tidings for you and your family.

  3. Women with wedgies always cheer ME up.

  4. Look on the bright side you've still got good health and your sense of humour.

  5. If it helps...
    I like your sense of humor.
    Not much, I know. But I do.

  6. Just when it looked like everything was on the 'up', my car 'up'and died on me!

    It never rains, but it pours!

  7. Sorry symdaddy, hope your dog will survive. Depends much on his age and how much you're willing to spend. So more bad news.

    My beautiful big black lab just died last week, probably of lung cancer. My heart is broken so I don't feel like cheering you up.

    I'm the other side of the border from you, in South Shropshire, which is neither here nor there, really . . .
    Bugger it, I'm too sad to go on . . . . .

    Oh damn, and you've got word verification.

    1. My pup is already beyond help ... it's just a waiting game now and hopefully we will do the right thing before he begins to suffer.

  8. I'm really very sorry about your dog. As much as my canine nitwit gets to me, he's my little buddy.
    On the bright side of a very dark situation: as I've said before, I like your sense of humor.
    Then again, I have a picture of me sitting on a roadside toilet.

    1. Yeah ... I've been thinking about that. I don't see a bog-roll! Did you end up using the newspaper?


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