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This blog was originally started as a thread on the forum pages of an animal rescue site. Now it's here!

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Punch Line

... and then I said "No, but at least he died happy!"

Oh ... Hello!

Sneaking up on me again, eh?

A shame you came so late ... that was a cracking joke.

Anyway, I'm pleased you dropped by. Now that I'm all tableted-up, I can blog anywhere without using my phone tiny little editor, so how about you take a walk with me, hmmm?

OK, maybe not.

With the festive season fast approaching, it's time to think about Christmas presents. To be honest though ... the 'thinking' in our house is done by my wife ... in July!

Now is that right? I ask you ... July?

What kind of Christmassy Christmas presents are around in July?

Then the hunt begins!

Did I tell you that my wife hates shopping? She does. With a passion!

So the hunt is a one-man show ... this man.

But I've got to tell you, I cheat! I've used "none in stock", "couldn't find it" and "they won't have it until November" so many times, I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.

But ... as she is very persistent ... the presents have all been bought!

Except hers!

Anyone got any ideas of what she might like?

And the joke?

Bugger me! I've gone and forgotten it already!

Thursday, 17 October 2013


Sometimes your mind just goes ... thingy ... whatd'yam'callit ... blank.

Sometimes you just don't give a ...

I had a phase ... long working hours (bout 70 hours a week), death of a close friend ... where I honestly just couldn't give a ... comes out yet bottom, stinky and messy ... you know!

I'm picking myself up, slowly but surely, and starting to face up to the reality that an unwritten blog is never read.

So ... brave soul that I am ... I'm back!

Be patient with me though because I'm a little rusty.

OK ... So when I'm out and about I see things. And yesterday was no exception.

As I escorted a client to the cafe for the artery hardening meal of his choice, we passed ... and ogled ... a gaggle of spherically challenged ladies, all of whom were armed to the teeth with fat dribbling burgers.

Immediately something I shared on Facebook came to mind ...

   Thin women think they are chubby.
   Chubby women think they're fat.
   Fat women think they've got to wear leggings!

Yes! They were all crammed into black leggings that were smaller than their bulk required, thus displaying to all and sundry the colour ... and on one or two, the design ... of their pants!

With seams screaming for mercy, they waddled their way through Canton (a district of Cardiff) to equal measures of delight and disgust from other pedestrians.

I am assured by friends and colleagues that this is a world wide phenomena. Leggings, like hamburgers and fries, are attracted to fat people!

By the way ... did I mention that I list 24 pounds in weight?

The picture was taken when I was out terrorising the general public