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Friday, 31 August 2012


"It'th not fair!"

"What's not fair?"

"They won't let me take part in the Para-Olympicth"

"Weally? I had no idea that you some physical pwoblems"

"Jutht becauth I'm not phythically impaired dothn't mean I don't have a dithability"

Oh, wight! And your disability is ... ?"



"Etheth! I can't thay my etheth"

"Not being able to say your esses isn't weally a catagowy which would make you eligible for any Pawa-Olympic event, is it?"

"Tho you thay, but you aren't the one with that thpeach impediment"

"Weally? Have you ever twied getting thwough live without most of your R's?. Anyway, to allow you to twain and partake in the games would be an insult to all evewy dedicated Pawa-Olympian. They overcame some sewious adversity ... pwoblems you can't even compwehend ... so that they can attend the games"

"Well, when you put it like that ..."

"I do! Er, just out of intwest, what events did you have in mind"

"Sprintth, thwimming, thycling ... "

"Wait a moment. Cycling begins with a C"

"Hmmmm! Theems my dithablity ith getting worth. They've gotta conthider me for team GB now"

"Good gwief!"

*** I have the greatest respect for all Para-Olympians. I applaud their drive, determination and strength of character in overcoming their disabilities. They are true sportsmen and women!


  1. Vewy, vewy unPC. You make me laugh. "Raff" as the Chines say. :)

    1. 'twas a little unPC, but only just. Pleased you liked it.

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