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Thursday, 30 June 2011


So I took myself off to the A&E department of Cardiff's Heath hospital.

I have a baddie foot and am in quite considerable pain.   I've had a baddie foot for sometime now, but yesterday the pain level rose to a point that convinced me that I had broken a bone.

I didn't expect my visit to A&E to be a short one, but I didn't expect to have to wait for almost two and a half hours before my "official" waiting time began.

Let me explain  ...

I arrived there at approximately 8pm and reported to reception.  I told them my problem ... foot ... pain ... ow ...  and was told to take a seat and informed that it could take a while before I was seen.

I waited.

And waited.

Then someone called my name and I hobbled in to see the triage nurse at about 10.30pm.

I was asked questions about my problem and politely informed (without even having had my foot examined) that I could either wait for an appointment with a doctor (approx. 5 hours), see the out of hours GP (approx 4.5 hours) or go home and make an appointment with my local surgery the next day.

Talk a bout gob-smacked!

No examination!  Just questions.

Had I waited for one of the appointments that I was offered, I would have probably left A&E at 1am, or later, and arrived home at about 2am or so.

Having lived in Germany for nearly 30 years, I know that this sort of thing can and should be handled a whole load better.

This kind of thing is just one of the reasons I hate the NHS.

It's a mammoth beastie ... a dinosaur ... that can never be fed enough and one day, if it isn't taken care of soon, it will go the way of all dinosaurs.


  1. Well now why the hell couldn't they just see you right then?!

    I can tolerate a lot of things, but things that don't make sense make me frown and shake my head...


  2. I hope the doctors take good care of that foot today !!
    I always worry about the NHS when considering moving to live in England .. where I live now, you pay for your insurance but every single thing is covered, right down to dentistry and so far, the doctors are as good or even better than those we had in NY.

    Good luck with the foot ... ( it isn't gout is it ?)

  3. First thing i thought of was gout just like aBroad commented nasty, very nasty :-(.

  4. Not gout. Either localised tendinitis or arthritis in the ankle, according to the doc. I just call it "ouchy-foot syndrome".


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