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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Those Who Fell (A Re-post)

Someone mentioned this poem a little while ago and to be honest, I'd forgotten I'd written it.  I re-read it and decided that it deserves a second airing. 

Those Who Fell

I often stop and wonder why,
and ask 'What it's all about?'
I find myself looking into the sky,
and hear myself scream and shout.

I wake from my sleep,
with my heart beating fast.
And tears I weep,
as I long for safer days past.

More sand and dust,
another day of hell.
Doing what I must,
remembering those who fell.

Winning hearts and winning minds,
trying every day.
Doing this job takes all kinds,
but I wish it would just go away.

I dread each day when we go out to seek,
the enemy with his gun.
But all I have left is one long week,
then my time here will be done.

I hope I can hold my head up high,
and say 'I did my job well'.
And I, with a sigh,
will remember those who fell.

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  1. G' Day From Australia, War is frightening at anytime but it's the price we pay for the freedoms we have today.


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