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Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Moving Tale

Well who would have thought it?

A torrent of emails regarding The Symdaddy blog have brought me to the conclusion that I must continue my writing.
So all you b@#£ards that wrote thanking me for stopping ... Nah-nah-na-na-nah!
And to the person who asked me get back to blogging ... HERE I AM!

For those of you that don't follow my status updates on Facebook ... and let's face it, who does? ... I'm moving house!

Contracts were exchanged two days ago and the money will flow towards its final resting place next Friday ... The day we move.

The process of moving started after we decided it would be nice to have no mortgage to pay off monthly. Within days or house was on the market!

At the very first 'open house' viewing there were about 10 families traipsing all over the house. They started arriving at about 10am and by 3pm, we had two offers.

A call from the estate agent later that afternoon informed us that one of the offers had been substantially increased, so we snapped it up!

That was phase one. The sale of our house took less than a week!

Phase two was not the cake walk we'd hoped it would be! Properties on the market were plentiful and prices ranged from dirt cheap to sky high.

We spent weeks finding out just why some of them had such small price tags.

There were houses with impossibly shaped rooms, rooms the size of football fields and rooms barely big enough for a pair of shoes. We saw houses that DIY dad's had butchered and others that hadn't seen a paint brush in 50 years. Others ... the slightly better ones ... were just too pricey for what they offered.

Then, two months into our search, we found it!

A three bedroom semi that has our name all over it, so we made an offer. It was less than they were asking, so we were over the moon when it was accepted!

The following weeks were spent finding new furniture and getting rid of the old.

But the paperwork dragged on and on and on and ...

Anyway, the past four weeks have been spent in a 3/4 packed up house with no furniture other the two uncomfortable loungers and a bed.
We shuffle to and fro between packed boxes and as yet unassembled new furniture.

It has been hard!

But now the end is in sight!

The paperwork is finished with, contracts are exchanged and we are ready to go.

When that phone call comes to say "the cash has landed" WE ARE OUTTA HERE!

Watch this space people!

Phase three kicks off soon!


  1. Hari OM
    Ugh. As one who has just Finally unpacked the last of her boxes since moving to Dunoon AFTER THREE MONTHS.... take it from me, I understand.

    And you have my sympathy... just saying...

    Watch those ribs, BTW. YAM xx

  2. Comic writer Erma Bombeck once said war id hell, but moving is just as bad.


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