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Thursday, 23 February 2012

10 Observations Made On The #130 Bus to Pontypridd*

  1. Unsupervised children lick windows.
  2. More than one fat person waddling up the aisle make the bus rock sufficiently to cause seasickness.
  3. The loudest person on the bus always sits next to me.
  4. There is always chewing-gum stuck to the seat I sit on.
  5. There is always one person on the bus that needs the toilet and lets everyone know what'll happen if they don't go soon.
  6. When two buses park opposite each other, someone always starts a silent conversation with a passenger they know on the other bus (mostly only women do this as 'womanly secrets' are quite often passed back and forth using the 'lip reading' method of conversation to avoid husbands from hearing anything).
  7. Bus drivers stop at least 3 metres past the point at which passengers are supposed to mount the bus.
  8. Bus drivers will quite often stop at the wrong side of the bus stop, thus causing the waiting passengers-to-be to troop to the other end, only to have the bus driver correct his error and move to the proper boarding point and, seeing no one waiting, he will promptly drive off before they can troop back.
  9. The weirdest passengers ALL know each other and hold conversations that are shouted, not spoken.
  10. If you don't shift your arse down that aisle when you reach your stop, don't expect the driver to react to your frantic cries for him to wait a moment.

*    These observations were made over a number of weeks.  I would hate to be responsible putting anyone off travelling    
one of our wonderful buses.   


  1. I like 2 & 3 because they made me chuckle :-).

    1. They give me a bout of nausea and a headache!

  2. If we had any kind of decent transit system here (i.e., one that travels outside a 10 mile radius....like anywhere NEAR my house) I would have to ride one just to enjoy all the people watching.

    1. Prior to my recent bus 'adventures' I haven't been on a bus since the eighties. As an addicted watcher of 'people' (I use the term loosely) I can really recommend a bus journey as a method of collecting some serious blog fodder.

  3. All those things happen on all our buses everyday but of course you forgot the weirdest of all is the drivers themselves

    1. Bus drivers are a law unto themselves but their turn will come.

  4. Replies
    1. And so sad too! We Brits can't even afford lollipops for our children.


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