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Friday, 17 February 2012

Another Bus

There must be a TWS* on every bus route.

There certainly was today. And the bus was gibbous** with passengers!

TWS's, for those unaware of their purpose, are intended to fulfil one function only; they facilitate KBOS*.

As a by-product however, they manage to generate a certain amount of PR*, which results in POP* and, if not countered effectively, eventually BRAWL*!

Too much POP = BRAWL!!!

Today we narrowly missed BRAWL (due to the passenger involved being over 80 years old) and achieved a minor BOAA* instead, which held us up for approximately five minutes.

At the WTS, the granny (let's call her Edna!) shouted to the driver "I'm getting off at the next stop! Could you please get a move on or I'll pee all over the seat".

The bus driver, without looking, shouted back "Regulations!  Sorry!"

Edna at this point stood up and began a shuffling, stamping dance whilst holding her hand to her nether regions. "This is ridiculous! I'm getting off now!"

She stamped to the front of the bus and got off.

The rest of us looked on (out of the window) as Edna high-tailed it onto a patch of waste land behind the bus shelter and, still clearly visible to all of us, dropped her bag, hiked up her coat and skirt and, without regard to all and sundry, took a leak!

This prompted a number of chuckles as Edna took her unscheduled relief and more than a few verbal reprimands and derogatory comments aimed at the driver who, wrapped in his impenetrable armour otherwise known as 'regulations', ignored us entirely.

He did however allow Edna, now simultaneously blushing and seething with anger, to re-board the bus.

It was just another day on the buses.

How was your day?

* TWS = Time Wasting Stop
     KBOS = Keep Bus On Schedule
     PR = Passenger Resentment
     POP = Pissed Off Passengers
     BRAWL = Brawl
     BOAA = Bit Of An Argument 

** I'm so pleased I found space for this word without mentioning the moon!


  1. Oh, my, Sym. :-) I can't believe he waited for her!!

    Have to wonder if video of this will pop up on YouTube...


    1. D'ya know what?Not only did I have my phone (with video),I had a digital video camera with me!!!

      I forgot I had them!!!

      I'm now kicking myself!

  2. When ya gotta go ya gotta go. Still it was good of the bus driver to let her off to do her business then allow her to hop back on and contiune the journey :-).


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