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Saturday, 1 September 2012

It Felt Good!

Just a few days ago ... on one of those rare sunny days that we have ... I was in the park with Clover.

As we strolled, Clover was once again glued to my heels as a woman with two Jack Russell terriers walked towards us.

Her dogs came straight over to Clover for a sniff and to check out the possibility of a spot of play.

"Hector! Lulu!" screamed the woman. "Leave that tatty dog alone! Come here!"

I said nothing ... at first ... but inwardly I seethed! No one calls my dog tatty!

It should be said though that Clover, having spent most of her early life in a cage of one of those crappy puppy farms, isn't as sleek and pretty as a lab might be. She has flecks of grey throughout her coat, a scar on her nose and a saggy stomach due to having given birth to X-amount of pups. She may not be as pretty as a picture to everyone, but she is to me.

We carried on walking as the JRT's returned to their owner.

As we passed, the woman was talking to her dogs.

"We don't play with the ugly dogs, do we!" she said, seemingly unaware that I could hear her.

I snapped ... which is something I never do ... and said immediately "Take a look in the mirror you sad old cow! You're no fu^king oil painting yourself!"

I heard her gasp! She actually gasped!

Clover and I carried on walking.

"Well ... I ... you ... b@stard!" I heard from behind me. She carried on ranting for a few seconds, but I ignored her.

Now, I'm not normally rude to people ... it's in the nature of my job to be polite ... but it felt GOOOOOOOOOD!

It did!

It felt really, really good.

I gave Clove an encouraging pat and we continued our walk.

It was a nice day and we were going to enjoy it!


  1. Being fairly tatty myself I completely understand why you stood up for your tatty old dog (who cant understand what she said anyway)My old Foxy is deaf as a post, nearly blind and has lumps and bumps all over her but she's been with me since she would fit in just one hand.

  2. I'm not familiar with "tatty" but I doubt I'd stand there and let someone hurl an insult at my pet. Good for you. I bet this wasn't easy for you.

  3. Good for You! Insult my girl insult me. Personally I have NEVER met an "ugly" animal...Give Ms. Clover a big pat from Alabama and perhaps a treat :)

  4. She knew you could hear her, she was coward enough to insult you by talking to her dogs, she was a rude cow and whatever she looks like, she is terribly ugly inside.
    Whatever you said, it was called for and probably not enough.

    I agree with Mary ... I don't think there is such a thing as an "ugly" animal.


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