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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Deadliest Place On Earth!

On this side of the pond we watch an awful lot of American TV cop shows.

They first appear on our screens in trailers in which they are described as 'hit', 'epic' or 'cult' direct from the States.

Over the years I have seen hundreds of 'em. From 77 Sunset Strip to Perception ... I've seen 'em all.

Which makes me think 'Is America really populated by gang-bangers, rogue cops, mass murders and little old ladies from Cabot Cove?'

Let us concentrate on a true classic!

Murder She Wrote.

Now, by my calculations, after 12 seasons and four Specials, Cabot Cove must be the deadliest place in the United States!

Assuming (and I haven't researched this) that in each episode (over 260) that at least 2.5 people died, that comes to a grand total of 660 deaths.

Let is further assume that one fifth of the dead (132) came from 'outta town', that still leaves 528.

As we all know, many episodes took place elsewhere ... that is to say, NOT in Cabot Cove ...  and therefore Cabot Covian's would be probably not have been amongst the dead.

Shall we guess again at one third?  OK!

So we can thereby deduce that approximately 176 people from other locations also died during the show's run!

That still leaves us with 352 deadies that could ONLY have been Cabot Coves finest despite the fact that the town's population was supposed to be around 3,560 (Wikipedia, but we all know how wrong they can be, don't we).


Before you run off to check these figures, let me tell you that 'officially' Murder She Wrote is only said to have killed-off 2 or 3% of it's population.

But I don't believe it! 

By my calculations It's nearer 10%

You know what they say, don't you?

Fiction is nearly always based on fact!


  1. I always thought that one of the characters on the show "Murder She Wrote," should have exclaimed, "Oh God, that woman is nearby, someone is about to die!"

    1. Without doubt a dangerous lady to be around.

  2. I'm not sure why but I've never seen a "Murder She Wrote." I like Angela Lansbury and Agatha Christie but the whole thing seemed too "Love Boat" for me.

    1. You haven't lived if you haven't seen Jessica Fletcher in action!

  3. I reckon the body count on Midsomer Murders would be pretty close to the same even more and would be the deadliest place in the U.K.

    1. Very true! Midsomer Murders has the highest body count of all the murder mysteries ... but, hey! We know they were acting because most of the stiffs could be seen breathing!

  4. We have a place like that, ever seen 'Home and Away' Im telling you that Summer Bay is a deadly place to live....

    1. Home and Away is, alas, not on my 'watch' list, however I have been assured by people who do watch it, that they could fill a cemetery very easily!

  5. We have been watching Midsomer Murders and I do wonder sometimes, how does that village stay populated when someone gets killed off every week ! :)

    1. Midsomer isn't just a village. It is a fictitious county.


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