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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Someone's Looking At Me


I'm sure I've mentioned Cardiff's traffic problems before ... in fact I know I have, but writing 'I'm sure I've mentioned Cardiff's traffic problems before' gives me an opportunity to pad out this weeks offering, thus making it seem as if a great deal of thought has gone into it.

Where was I?

Oh yes!


It's the school holidays at the moment and traffic is light, especially at 7.15 am.

So on this merry, if somewhat damp, morning ... as I zipped to and fro through the Vale of Glamorgan ... I allowed myself to be entertained by The Boomtown Rats.

I bopped, if that is the correct word, along to the music ... sang at the top of my voice ... tapped out beat on the steering wheel whilst tapping my seldom used clutch foot.

Them I came to a set of traffic lights on red.

I stopped, as you do, but continued to bop/sing/tap as i waited for the green light to illuminate my way and allow me to pass.

I thought, at the time, that I was the only car on the road. I hadn't seen another soul for several minutes, so I really got stuck in as Bob and he boys complained that someone was always looking at them.

The lights took an age to change but I didn't worry. I was having a jolly good sing-song!

Then, just as the track was coming to an end I glanced to my right ...

There, in a blue Honda CRV sat four middle-aged women.  They were staring at me.

I immediately stopped all musical activities and, as the heat of a full-blown blush began to build in my face, they applauded!

It was then, and only then, that I decided to drive the rest of the way to work in silence.

And I closed the window!

That was several hours ago ... and as yet there has been no reduction in my sense of embarrassment.

The song I was singing:

Someones Looking At You

On a night like this I deserve to get kissed at least once or twice
You come over to my place screaming blue murder, needing someplace to hide.
Well, I wish you'd keep quiet,
Imaginations run riot,
In these paper-thin walls.
And when the place comes ablaze with a thousand dropped names
I don't know who to call.
But I got a friend over there in the government block
And he knows the situation and he's taking stock,
I think I'll call him up now
Put him on the spot, tonight.

They saw me there in the square when I was shooting my mouth off
About saving some fish.
Now could that be construed as some radical's views or some liberals' wish.
And it's so hot outside,
And the air is so sweet,
And when the pressure drop is heavy I don't wanna hear you speak.
You know most killing is committed at 90 degrees.
When it's too hot to breathe
And it's too hot to think.

There's always someone looking at you.
They're looking at you.

And I wish you'd stop whispering.
Don't flatter yourself, nobody's listening.
Still it makes me nervous, those things you say.

You may as well
Shout it from the roof
Scream it from your lungs
Spit it from you mouth
It could fall on deaf ears to indulge in your fears
There's a spy in the sky
There's a noise on the wire
There's a tap on the line
And for every paranoid's desire...

There's always Someone looking at you.
S-s-s-s-someone looking at you...
They're always looking at you.

(written by Bob Geldof)


  1. If I had the ability to carry a tune I'd sing all the time. I don't think you have a thing to be embarrassed about.

  2. Hari OM
    LOL... yes I did. Not at you. With you. ...You ARE laughing aren't you? You have my applause. &*>

  3. heartofstone.alone15 August 2013 at 19:23

    I wish I could have seen your face .... what a picture! My mind is on overtime imagining the scene :-) :-) :-)

    Did I mention that I was a passenger in a blue Honda ...?? Not really!

    Thanks for the laughter, George :-)

  4. Hey, at least you got an ovation of sorts. Usually all I get is strange looks.


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