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Saturday, 14 September 2013

For An Old Friend

I fear not the darkness,
and death does not me hold.
I wander now in sunshine,
and such beauty I behold.
I am no longer bound by the years,
that made my poor bones creak.
So dry your eyes of tears,
for I have found the peace I seek.
Although our paths have parted,
I still carry your love in my heart.
And I know your thoughts are with me,
on this new life I now start.


  1. A beautiful poem. Can you provide some background for it?

    1. Annie, an old friend from way back in my army days, passed away in the early hours of Friday morning. I wrote the poem about six years ago at the passing of another friend ... I thought Annie might like it.

  2. So sorry to hear of your friend's passing. It's a beautiful poem.

  3. I can't believe my darling girl has upped and left me for a better place. I know she's free from pain now, I miss her.
    Thank you for posting this poem, it eases the heartache a little


  4. Oh George, I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Your poem is beautiful. I will save it to read again, it is very comforting. Besos, C


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