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Monday, 18 January 2016

Cold, Bony Bedtimes!

I'm back!

A short while ago ... October 2015 to be exact ... I quit my job as a carer and I started a small business. I now take in doggy boarders and give them a nice comfy sofa to relax on whilst their owners are at work, on holidays or otherwise unwilling to leave their pups alone for any long periods of time.

Strut-A-Pup is now a thriving little business with a growing list of customers (and doggy guests).
This week I'm looking after Murphy

This is he ...

He's a very handsome chap and he gets away with murder due to his gentle and sweet nature!

We have never allowed any of our dogs, apart from our very nervous Clover, upstairs to sleep in the bedroom. However, Murphy suffers from separation anxiety, so we took his little doggy bed upstairs and allowed him to bed down at the side of our bed.

On the first night everyone headed to bed at 11 pm after the evening pee and poo walk and we all settled down for the night.

All was well ...

... until 11,15 pm!

Murphy jumped up onto the bed and stood over us in the dark.

A quick cry of "Bed" sent him back to his own bed.

He whined!

We ignored him.

He whined again.

"Murphy" I said, in an effort to calm him.

And there he was ... standing on the bed directly over my head.

With without so much as a bye-your-leave, he dropped, wriggled himself comfortable and started almost immediately to snore.

The 'Golden Rule' had been broken and we were too tired to do anything about it!

Within minutes though, the stretching started and the duvet began to disappear as my wife an I were slowly but surely pushed further from the centre of the bed!

Oh, we fought bravely ... struggled for every scrap of duvet ... but we didn't have the heart to make him go back to his own bed. It was, after all, the coldest night of the year so far!

And I found out just how cold it was when I awoke at 3 am frozen to the bone.

After struggling to regain some duvet  I swore he would never sleep on the bed again!

And I told him the very next night ... 

"Bed Murphy! In you bed ... no, Murphy! YOUR bed ,,, Murph ... Mur..."

Before he could settle, We rolled ourselves in as much duvet as was available and readied ourselves for bony, dog filled night!

Well, look at him!

You couldn't say no either! 

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  1. Hari OM
    Welcome back to Blogland mate... and how wonderful to work with one of your favourite things!!! Nope. Couldn't say no that either... YAM xx


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