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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Happy Days

The business is going well!

And we're having fun!

OK ... so it's not all fun. There's poop to contend with on a daily basis but when you are fortunate enough to have beauties like this chap ...

 ... you really can't complain.

My only complaint about his job ....

... is that we only seem to get sensible dogs!

There hasn't been one single opportunity to video anything worth sending to one of home video clip shows!

Oh, I'd share the money with the owners ... I really would!

Blossom, our cat, has her nose seriously out of joint these days. When we have dogs staying, she retires to the safety of the upper level and spends her time sleeping or glowering through the stair rail at the interlopers. On occasions she will venture downstairs and confront a dog, but none have been brave enough to try that experience a second time.

Blossoms rare appearances certainly keep us on our toes!

Heavy rain over the past few weeks have turned out garden into a quagmire and it necessitates a mop being permanently stationed by the patio doors for rapid mud removal.

The carpet cleaner also has also taken up residence in the kitchen to remove all those unwanted carpet stains.

This will however soon be a thing of the past as work to lay natural stone paving over what used to be our lawn is due to commence next week ... if the weather allows.

That's it for now.

Sorry there were no laugh out loud moments ... I blame the dogs for being too sensible!

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  1. Hari OM
    ...it's a shame about the grass going, in a way - cuz the pupsters love a bit of the green to stand upon... but common sense does have to rule I suppose; here's to finding a bit more of the comical in the common-place! YAM xx


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