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Friday, 4 March 2011

Not What It Seems!

Whilst returning home from a client I happened  to pass a sign which I must have driven past at least a hundred times.

This time however, it really caught my eye!

I drove, first sniggering, then chuckling, on my way until I finally had to stop and wipe tears from my eyes. Then a thought struck me ... If I was to make the name of this place public via my blog, I could single-handedly save the British tourist industry from going down the pan this summer.

Now, I want all of your ladies to too keep a tight grip on yourselves and try to maintain some level of decorum when I tell you the name of the place.  I want no fighting in airport or customs queues and I want you all to behave in a dignified fashion.

Are you ready?
The name on the sign was .....

.... Fferm Coch.

Ladies?  Ladies? Is anyone still reading?  Oh bugger!

As far as I can tell, it means Red Farm


  1. ...and there are no tour buses full of ladies nearby ?

  2. i wish i lived there because that would be an awesome address. sometimes when i'm traveling i go through a tiny little town called sugartit & i wish i lived there.

  3. I would like to hear a 911 call from there...

  4. Recording of 911 call played on the news tonight:

    "911. What is your emergency?"

    "My wife has been attacked by a worthog - send an ambulance!"

    "What is your address, sir?"

    "4265 Eucalyptus Drive. Hurry."

    "Can you spell that for me, please?"


    "I'll drag her over to Oak street and you can pick her up there."


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