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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Our Beasties!

Zac & Blossom discussing Sym's Condition

"Seems ok to me" said Zac.
"Wake me when something happens" said Blossom.

"Feed me, dad"


  1. are your cats friends? mine sit beside each other sometimes, but usually only when there's a window open. otherwise they're taking swings at each other.
    your dogs are all smiling. =)

  2. @SherilinR
    Bro & sis, but no love there ... just hate. Those pictures were snapped by chance when Zac was still in shock after jumping onto the sofa.

    I reckon our dogs always smile because they know their 'daddy' is a soft touch with a bag of cheese. (x-posted "Belle & Rosie" on http://fourpaws-sw.blogspot.com home you don't mind.

  3. no, i didn't mind at all. it was weird to see them on that page with a rainbow at the top because right before they were put to sleep, the sky was really, really dark in the middle of the day & then a rainbow came down through the cloud and then it became a double rainbow and for us, it felt kind of like that was going to be the bridge for them to leave earth. it sounds silly, but it was sentimental to us & then there was a picture of a rainbow on your page with a line about it being a bridge. it seemed just right and made me cry. again.

  4. Cute ... hugs and pets to them all but a special one for Sym, please.

  5. Awe cute puppies and kitties :) Mine are brother and sister too its a love/hate relationship..


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