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Monday, 21 March 2011

Remembering ... Again!

(Posted Nov. 06, 2009 F.P.A.R Forum and here Mar. 31, 2010)

When Mr. Saveloy, a school teacher, met Mr. Cohen, a barbarian and leader of the Silver Horde*, he very quickly found that  he began to like him.  His honesty and simply code of right and wrong very soon had Mr. Saveloy wishing he too was a barbarian.  Up until that point Mr. Saveloy's greatest battle had been in trying to keep discipline in the classroom.  So he became a member of Ghengiz Cohen's Silver Horde.

As Mr. Saveloy (aka Teach) reminisced, having been with the 'Horde' for a while, it was hard for him to remember having ever done anything else.

So ... is it just me, or is it the same for other doggy people?  Because I can't really remember NOT having a dog, and can't imagine myself EVER being without one!

Ramble over ... I'm finding it hard to concentrate what with the noise of four dogs snoring.

Although there are quite a few folks logged on in the mornings, nothing much seems to be happening.  Anyway, shouldn't the women-folk be hoovering and doing the laundry n stuff?

*Interesting Times by T. Pratchett

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  1. I was raised with dogs and Ive always had one (apart from short stays in apartments etc) Currently I have two Fox Terriers.. theyre great!


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