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Friday, 10 June 2011

The Home-check

Julie and I volunteered to do Dougal's (a Four Paws Animal Rescue puppy) prospective new owners homecheck.

We debated as to whether or not we should take Sym (my boy) with us just to see how they would cope with a boisterous dog, but we both arrived at the same conclusion ... we didn't want him crapping on their garden!

So ... on the day of the check, after we received all the details and printed out the form with all the quezzies on it, I entered the address into the satnav just to be sure we found the place ok but, my satnav, he says "No!" and just as the map was about to show us where our destination was, my satnav lost power.

'Never mind' I said to Julie. 'You drive and I'll plug the satnav into the ciggy-lighter and check the route on the way'.

So that's what happened.

As we approached the end of our street (approx 110 yards from home) we were expecting to turn left towards the main road and Whitchurch village.

But it wasn't to be.

The satnav piped up ...

'Prepare to turn right in 70 yards ... take next right'.

We were a little taken aback, but Julie pointed the car in the direction the satnav had dictated.

Before we had even gone 50 yards the satnav once more intervened with instructions.

'Take the next right in 100 yards and prepare to reach your destination'.

Within a minute we were there.

We had driven a grand total of 320 yards from home!

And ... we went the long way apparently!!!

Talk about feeling like a wally!


  1. This sounds SO like what we would do .. if we got to drive a car again and figured out how to work a SatNav .. took me a minute to remember what a SatNav was lol ...

  2. You are better off with a good street directory or map rather than a unreliable satnav, they just can't be trusted :-).

  3. Perhaps next time you ought to check the address George lol

  4. See, you'd have been totally lost without the Satnav THAT far from home!


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