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Monday, 27 June 2011

When In Doubt ...

... post a funny picture!

Which is what I did.

I have been tardy ... lazy really ... and I have avoided most things blog related for a short time so that I could give a little more of my free time to my wife.  Not that she was complaining you understand ... she never uttered a word about my face being glued to my laptop screen ... but I recognised that look which was occasionally flashed in my direction.

As a married man, you get to recognised that look.

It's a look that is passed from mother to daughter, generation after generation, and it can cut through a man's thick-skinned defences like a hot knife through butter.

It sears!  It frazzles!  It turns a hard man into a "lemme do that for ya hun"-wimp.

And I was flashed that look.

Several times!

I was a soldier, for God's sake!  A roughie-toughie, hard-nosed-couldn't-give-a-damn kinda guy and I buckled under that look!

All those women out there must be wearing a "Oh yeah, I know how to do that too"-smug grin on their faces right now.

I wish I knew how to master that look!

Anyway, that is why I haven't been indulging in my ... hmmm!  Addiction?  Is that the right word?

Today, my intention was to tell you of my dog (Sym) and the progress he's making with his treatment for Lymphoma.
I have already mentioned some time ago that although he's still receiving treatment, he is doing very well and remains in remission (or in recession as my step daughter, Gabriele, insists on calling it - a little worrying for a trainee veterinary nurse, wouldn't you say?).

As I type this, he is receiving his penultimate treatment in a Bristol veterinary clinic.  At this moment he is reclining (he was sedated this time) on a nice cushioned bed whilst his medication is dripped into his vein.
In a few hours he'll be awake and after a brief recovery period and a check-up, we'll be taking him home.

If the rain holds off and he shows no ill effects from the treatment, he'll be romping around the park sometime after 8pm this evening.

He now only has four more treatments to go.

Wish him luck!


  1. We all wish Sym a speedy remission from me, him and her :)

  2. Both of you are in my prayers.
    I've watched pets suffer and I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

    A fast recovery Sym! I'm crossing fingers and toes!

  3. All the best to Sym for a speedy recovery :-).

  4. I'm afraid of no man...and very few women!
    Cheers Symdaddy

  5. i hope sym responds to the treatments well & is soon all better again.
    and i wanted you to know that it wasn't the cat i left behind, it was the metal picker. we would never file or lock up an animal.

  6. I absolutely DO wish him luck -- and you as well.

    I know that look...



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