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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Why The Amnesiacs Anonymous Hotline Failed

The Amnesiacs Anonymous telephone rang.
"Hello, this is ... erm ... tip of my tongue .... what-ya-call-it ... "
{rustling of paper}
"Amnesiacs Anonymous?"
"Yes ... the Forgetty People thing.  My name is ... "
{rending and tearing of material}
" ... Medium?"
"Size 48?"
"I don't th..."
"Quite possibly"
"Well, something like that anyway. How can I er ... thingy ... er, you?"
"I have a problem with my ... my ... "
{mumbled voices away from phone}
" ... mammary!"
"Memory! Yeah, right.  Memory!"
"Ri-i-i-ight? So why're you calling me?"


  1. I had a better conversation than that lol

  2. Well said i think, what were we just talking about i've forgotten :-).


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