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Sunday, 17 July 2011

More Money To be Made Or Blobby Cash Cows

Have you ever asked yourself why there are no ads for Zumba showing fat folks trying to get fit?

I have!

It's because if you ain't fit already, with a honed and (if the ads are to be believed) very shapely figure, you ain't gonna be able to do Zumba.

These 'before and after' shots of people are just a little bit unbelievable in my opinion.

I watched a TV programme sometime ago in which a graphics expert showed just how to make 'before and after' pictures.  It quite literally only took him 5 minutes and  ...  hey presto! ... there was a picture of the presenter (an ex-sportsman) looking like he was carrying an extra 50 lbs.

My point ... well, my point is ... Ads lie!  Or at the very least they stretch the truth to breaking point.

There are a lot of people paying good money thinking that Zumba will transform their pie-eating-sack-of-blubber bodies into something resembling the body of a sporting God or Goddess.

OK, lets go back a step to the 'before and after' pictures.  They are, no doubt, backed up by statements such as " Hell, yeah! Zumba changed my life!" or "Incredible! I used to weigh 300 lbs.  Zumba really did for me!"

But those folks are being paid, aren't they ... and why are there no pictures or film of them as lard-buckets actually working out?

I admit that I do not have the focus, dedication or mental attitude (not at my age) to be able to push myself through a rigorous training program.  Also my coordination is pretty poor and is seriously challenged just trying to swing a golf club.

But I not driven by any great need to please the eye of anyone other than myself.  I have no burning desire to be any shape other than the one I have.  I do just enough so that I am happy ... and so my wife doesn't complain.

Zumba (which, lets face it, is aerobics with newer dance steps) is being snapped up by chunkies who think that this time ... maybe ... they will lose those pounds.

It is aimed at those weak of will, strong in hope and little or no self esteem.

It will help the fit stay fit but it won't change many blobs into lean, mean, fighting machines.


  1. Theyre selling you a dream...this time I'll lose the weight, this time I'll get fit, this time, this time, this time...and if by some chance you dont make it this time, dont worry..they'll be back with some other new thing in just a few months..

  2. same thing with P90X. i know so many people who bought the whole expensive system & then found out that they couldn't even do the early requirements needed to get started.

  3. Losing weight is a lot of hard work, mental toughness and dedication, i know because i had to lose 30 kilos or die young and all i did was walk eveyday and change my diet from food high in saturated fat, sugar and salt to more fruit and vegies :-).

  4. You know, I hadn't thought of it, but now that you mention it, I would love to see the time-lapse on someone truly overweight working out.

    To me, it's up there with the ads for make-up or skin care using models clearly in their teens or 20s. Of course they look good! They're young!!



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