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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Parties And The Eternally Young

As you get older ... and you will ... that thunderous cacophony of noise as 'late at night' crashes into 'early in the morning' will be heard fewer and fewer times.

Partying ... real partying ... is a younger man's, or woman's, sport.

I used to be able to go out at 8pm, trawl through the bars, disco's (in my day) and clubs only to arrive back home well after the new day had dawned ... nowadays, well, let's just say that I haven't seen midnight for quite a while.

I envy the young! They seem to have energy in abundance and insist on burning their candles at both ends with a fervent passion that I, in my younger days,could only have dreamed of.

Of course now that I belong to what once was called the 'fuddy-duddy'-set, and no longer indulge in youthful boisterousness, I thoroughly disapprove of what the young get up to!

And why not?

The young b@$tard$ are having all the damned fun whereas I sit (well, slumber) the night away wondering where I'm going to get the energy from for the following days work.


I reckon I'd be too much of a grump-assed git to attend any parties these days ... except those senior citizen tea and bingo ones.

Just like Jonah Louie, I used to be a kitchen hoverer, so when all is said and done, I ain't really missing much.

But young folks are still b@$tard$!!!


  1. I'm hearing you loud and clear... Youth is wasted on the young!...I want some of it too

  2. I hear ya too, because the good times are over. Life wears you out and makes you old :-).


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