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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The End Of Sym's Treatment

Monday was Sym's last treatment!!!

He has now been given the 'all clear' ... for the moment.

For the first time he received a sedative prior to treatment as he was just a little bit fidgety.
On top of the other meds he was given it knocked him for six. He was not himself again until late yesterday evening.

Today however, he is much more like his old self ... non-stop chasing of thrown cones and balls and always looking for some serious fuss and cwtches.

We've just returned from the park (without the girls) and had a cracking ball-chasing session which has hopefully tired him out so that we can have a quiet evening with our friends from Germany.

After a shaky start Sym has now befriended Dieter and adopted him as his new chief thrower of sticks, cones, balls and all other throwables within Sym's reach.

Gaby (Dieter's wife) is in charge of Sym cwtches and behind-the-ear massages.

I have been relegated to 'cushion' and I am only called upon when he wants to have a kip on the sofa. 

Julie is still the feeder and therefore only needed twice a day.


  1. Glad it's all good news for now .. cushion is a good thing to be lol

  2. Such good news ! besos for Sym !


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