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Monday, 8 August 2011

Going To The Dogs? Nah! They Don't Want Us!!!

For years now, successive British governments have been reducing prison sentences or finding ingenious reasons and excuses for letting convicted criminals out of prison without serving their full term behind bars.

Prison can no longer be called a punishment or a deterrent!

Violent crime is going up.  Theft is going up. Criminal damage is going up.

And so is every other type of crime you can think of.

And now,of all things, there are calls for the restoration of the death penalty.

Why, for God's sake, does anyone want the death penalty re-instated when the courts (and the politicians) are only going to punish other crimes with a slap on the wrist?

TV footage of the riots in London show young men (and some women) ... well, rioting obviously.

The same old "nothing to do" and "police insensitivity" arguments are being bandied about as usual, but at the end of the day there is no excuse for what they are doing.

They do what they do simply because they know there is no real punishments. Slapped wrists, fines, or suspended sentences ... that's all that most of them will get.

Lock the buggers up for a long bleeding time.

Increase sentences for all crime.

And other stuff like that.

There you go ... rant over.  I'm going to have my dinner now!


  1. Its happening down here to except for the rioting and i agree there are too many excuses and the main reason is the criminal is mentally unstable which in a lot of cases in not true they knew exactly what they were doing and got caught. That's my rant and its time for breakfast :-).

  2. I to, find this behavior unacceptable. If it were some foreign minority the govt would send in the army to quash the riots there and then. Because it's their own middle class white kids they sit back and let them get away with arson, theft, assault, attempted murder and perhaps even murder yet.
    This could go very wrong yet!


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