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Saturday, 27 August 2011

25 to 21.8 Kilos

The good news is that Sym has had all his blood tests done and he is in the clear as far as all his internals go.

The only concern now is his fairly dramatic weight loss.  He was never an over weight dog and has always been active but since his chemotherapy he has dropped first to 23.5 kilos (which was to be expected) and now, in less than a week, his weight has dropped to 21.8 kilos.

We'll have to find him a nice healthy diet to build him back up again.

He spent the night at the vets for observation and to get some fluids into him.  With any luck my boy will be back by about 10am today.

I promise to let him use the laptop so he can tell you all about his ordeal but for now all I can say is ....


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  1. Ditto that PHEW !!

    I had great success with adding human baby food to the pet food. It is loaded with calories and fattens them up fast and easy .. they like it.
    Pup quit eating. I was only able to get him to eat fresh roasted chicken, fed to him by hand, a bite at a time.
    Which I was happy to do but it did not build his weight back up.
    But as in humans, I bet now that the chemo is over, he will plump back up.
    Best of luck, rooting for Sym , way down here in Argentina !


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