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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Never Let It Be Said

Never let it be said that I, a survivor of many a military campaign, would ever shirk his duties or baulk in the face of a challenge.

Never let it be said that I, a wordsmith of limited capability but unparalleled enthusiasm, would ever lower myself to allow four letter words of a certain nature to creep into my blog.

And never let it be said that I, a man with an unrivalled humour of a nine year old, would ever abandon my jovial spirits in favour of gloom and despondency.

That said, I just cannot be arsed to write anything today, so you can all go to hell on a hand-cart and leave me alone in my own little cloud of despair.

No, wait!

Come back!

I was only joking.

Oh, bugger!


  1. Never let it be said I didn't love (or throw) the occasional pity party. Buck up little camper.

  2. Oh honey, let the 4 letter words fly and have a good gloom fit ... it will do you good. It will entertain us, no doubt :)
    I work every day to fight away gloom :)


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