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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Absence Explained

I am experiencing the most horrendous PC problems, dontchaknow!

My laptop is slow and often snubs it's nose at me and stops.

My PC is no longer reliable as it has a dodgy hard-drive. 

My wife's PC needed fixing, so I fixed it! Now it won't work at all!

I will be back, but for the moment just think of me as "On Holiday"!


  1. We know just how it is mate....

    1. I assume you have been there, done that and been harangued.

  2. I can't afford to fix anything anymore.

    1. Never repair anything that costs money! Cannibalise!

  3. You need a minion to take of this stuff.

  4. Minions ! We all need a minion ..
    Hurry back, although I really bet you are fishing somewhere with Sym.


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