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Thursday, 22 March 2012


It was bus day today!

And guess what! Nothing happened! Nothing! Zilch!

We got on ... it moved ... it stopped ... it started ... stopped ... etc. ... we got off!

I was so unimpressed.

Where were the funny grannies? The old men? The good looking young women? Where was the rich source of blog-fodder that I'd become accustomed to?

In stead of enjoying a chuckle/eavesdrop/ogle, I was forced to sit there just looking out of the window.

I mean, c'mon! What kind of a journey is that? I was so bored that I ended up playing the 'Youwitme?' game with my client.





"Oh nooooooooo!"

We also tried the 'Miyourfren?' game, which has a similar format to 'Youwitme?'. Each game terminates with an "Oh nooooooooo!", which is, for want of a better explanation, my clients catchphrase.

It passed the time (forty minutes) even if it did raise one or two eyebrows and at least one audible "You're mad, you are!" from a spotty-faced, nerdy-type teenager.

The return journey was sadly more of the same, with one exception!

Just two stops before we were due to leave the bus, my thoughts were turned to crampons, ropes, and pink mountains as a tall, slim blonde boarded the bus. Her ample bosom caused male heads to turn  and her low cut top, displaying a huge expanse of cleavage, brought forth a mumbling and an occasional tut from some of the female passengers. There was also one "Well, I never!" from a granny near the front of the bus.

The driver, momentarily in love, waited (and watched) until she had negotiated her way by wiggle and
jiggle to a seat.  Up until that point the last passenger boarding at every stop had to endure being catapulted to the back of the bus (whether they wanted to be there or not) by the jerking motion of the bus pulling away from the kerb (you've gotta love a bus driver with a sense of humour!).

As she slinked her way passed us to a seat near the rear, we were briefly engulfed in the passing shadow of her bosom.

My client waved to her.  She waved back.

I just wished that he'd been able to ask for her number!

He would have probably got it too!


  1. At least you ended up with some eye candy so the trip wasn't a total loss :-).

    1. Eye candy that sat somewhere behind me!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh it's gotta be right on up there with windsurfing, paragliding and base-jumping in the excitement stakes!


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