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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Story So Far

It seems to me that my destiny is to be the ‘eternal sufferer’.

No matter what I do; what precautions I take, things are just meant to go wrong.

There was the long saga with my rust-bucket car (deceased), the fence (twice), the guttering on the house (I haven’t told you about that, have I?), the laptop (throws tantrums like a petulant teenagers) and my desktop PC (oldoldoldoldold!) and now the garage wall.

Let me tell you about that wall…

It is an old … very old ,,, crack in the brickwork that dates back more than fifteen years, which is as long as my wife has lived here.

It was never repaired properly (according to the surveyor) but was masterly disguised by someone with an artistic bent.  When the missus bought this place it had been made to look just like any other wall.

Now, after all this time a rather large leak in the garage roof has revealed this wall to be, in fact, a forgery!

Ok. It’s too late to run to the previous owner (long dead,I’m afraid) and punch him in the face, so we braced ourselves for the worst.

Our  garage has an outer and an inner roof. The inner is just a number of one inch boards sealed together and fixed above the joists supporting the whole roof.  Above that is the outer roof. This one is also made up of one inch boards but water proofed, leaded and tarred. It has a life span (so I’m told) of up to fifteen years.

Sadly, it would appear that that fifteen years has long since passed and our waterproofed roof has gone to ‘garage roof heaven’ allowing all of the roof boards to slowly soak up water.  It has taken a long time but now the water, seeking an escape route, has begun to destroy the previous owners artwork allowing us to see the damaged wall.

Quotes fro the repair work are coming in thick and fast!

The work the are specifying ranges from stripping the roof down to the rafters and totally re-roofing to simply applying a heavy duty one-piece rubber sheet.

The rubber sheet seems to be favourite price-wise but, on the other hand, for £1900 we could have a new roof.

What do you think?

To other news now …

You may have heard that snowflakes have been seen in Britain!

The ensuing chaos has been widely reported and once again made us (Brits) look like bunch of idiots.

        Snowflakes here,
nowflakes there,
        A Country in chaos,


  1. I can beat you on the list of problems there George lol
    winds led to Drainpipe dropping which lead to a leak, which means part of the render is lifting, inside wallpaper lifted and mould developed all caused by problems with original drainpipe.
    Replacement of light bulb in kitchen lead to socket breaking, so replacement light required which then let to the wire being damaged, having to lift landing and bathroom carpets to replace wire so light could then be replaced !
    Oh and to top it off Mac was disgustingly sick which has stained my nice yellow dining room carpet - the reason he managed to get into that room was due to a black cat called Macey who decided to open the door so she could go and play with the little wren who is now dead and her /his blood is over the tablecloth on the table
    Why do we have pets lol

  2. I reckon you should bite the bullit and repair the wall first then replace the roof as it sounds like its past its use by date. With the recent run of bad luck i'm wondering whether you are cursed or were you a very, very bad person in a previous life and are now paying for it?.

  3. Sorry about that wall, but repairing or replacing it will no doubt increase the value of your property.

  4. Oh dont you just hate THOSE surprises. Things that sneak up on you without you even seeing it until it jumps right out at you and needs doing YESTERDAY.. (sigh)


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