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Thursday, 3 January 2013


Well hello there!

Welcome to the New Year!

Pull up a weekend and make yourself comfortable.

Take the weight off and let's gnaw over the bones of the year that was.

Was it all that you expected?  Nah, mine neither. I seem to recall rather too many things going wrong, costing money or just generally pissing me off  as opposed to anything happening that could, even in a half-hearted way, be described as being good.

No, no ... that's not strictly true, if I think on it. Some really good things did happen but, hey, this isn't an X-rated blog, so I can't tell you!

But on the whole ... it wasn't a good year.

My car ... the one that was always just a tyre tread away from disaster ... died! I was forced to run around like a headless chicken trying to find an affordable replacement within a week, or face losing a lot of money.

No car, no work!

January 12 started off with my garden fence panels (6' X 6') being blown to smithereens by gale force winds. £400-£500 repair costs.

March saw my soon to be deceased vehicle's suspension popping it's mount (£300, but could have been worse).

April ...

Oh God this is so depressing!

Gnaw over you own year. Mine is making me feel ill!

Oh, and this year hasn't started too well either.

I forgot to put my numbers on for the midweek lotto yesterday!

Guess who would have had 4 correct numbers and BOTH bonus numbers?

OK, so it wasn't the jackpot but would have been a nice little sum.

Lady Luck really hates me.

But never mind, eh!

I still have my blog-frie...


Where'd everybody go?

(BLUCK = Bad Luck)


  1. Ah yes, the year that was... I'm not going to dwell on mine, it had it's good but mostly it's depressing moments.. Lets all hope for a better year in 2013

  2. We didn't go anywhere, but like you many of us are trying to wash the bad taste of 2012 out of our mouths.

  3. I just learned on the news that, on top of it all, it’s also going to rain more.

    Call that good? No? Neither do I. Do as the dogs do, make the most of it.

    Happy New Year.

  4. Yes mine was "un-blucky" also. Oh well my dog still loves me.Happy New year from Alabama...


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