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Sunday, 17 February 2013

An Update and a Rogue E-Missive

"Don't eat the fish!" I said.

But did they listen?

No they bloody-well didn't!

I've been looking at an empty goldfish bowl for a week now.

I miss Rex and Sylvia!

So ... anyway ... things are moving!

Yes, I know the garage wall moves, if you give it a nudge, but that's not what I meant.

I mean, of course, that in the next few days we are hoping to have our garage roof repaired!

I can almost hear you all a-whoopin' an' a-hollerin' with delight! Believe me, it has been a long time coming. Not the whoopin' and hollerin'; I meant the repairs, although I welcome the whoopin' and hollerin' too.

At first there was the money issue, which was solved by a number of unsolved bank raids across the length and breadth of Wales. Then the weather conspired against us by being, as British weather tends to be, rather unpleasant. Now, the only obstacle is the roofer himself ... we have to wait until the end of the coming week for him to finish a job, then it's our turn.

Other news?

Well the only thing worth mentioning is the fact that I received a rather nasty email and, thinking it was from a relative, I opened it. Within the blinking of an eye Outlook had sent out over thirty emails to people in my contact list. It was only then that I realised that for some reason Norton had de-activated itself (everyone said "I didn't do it!" when I asked them if they'd turned it off).
From what I gather, once opened the reader would be asked to re-enter their email password to confirm something or other. Hopefully no one fell for this and deleted the email without giving out any secrets. To anyone who received one of those nasty little e-missives ... my humble apologies!

It will not happen again ... he said hopefully!


  1. I remember the problem you had with the roof, thought it would have been done by now but it seems your builders go to the same schools ours go to..
    Dont you hate THOSE emails..Ive had a few but never opened one. I use Avast and it usually catches them but I always double check them with a quick scan if in doubt...guess I'm preaching to the converted?

    1. It doesn't take much to bring all work to a standstill and, yes, I'm converted!

  2. hhhhmmm, rotten eggmails and all their relatives are still, sadly, as prevalent as raindrops - which is presumably what stopped the roofing, never mind the fella was on 'another job'... workmen are the same the world over.

    Now to the fish - do we need to be further enlightened or is it all too painful? Commiserations by the way. ;-(

    1. Actually the fish met their maker many years ago in a perfectly natural ... hooked out of their bowl by a greedy cat called Sooty who has also long since curled his toes up.

  3. Please can you elaborate on who's responsible for the untimely demise of Rex and Sylvia? I have a suspicion, but since I'm new to your blog I can't make assumptions. Thanks :)

    1. Twas Sooty, the cat (in the manner described above) what done it, guv'nor!


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