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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sinner On a Bus!

I have already explained some months ago that I have a tendency to eavesdrop.

Sometimes it is easier than you would expect.

Sometimes the conversations are shouted across crowded rooms or busy streets.

On this occasion it was shouted across the aisle of the bus.

It went ...

"H'lo Dai! How're you? Haven't seen you for ages."

" 'm'all right Will! Doing well ... doing well! As well as can be expected anyway".

"What's happened then Dai? You're missus caught you womanising again?"

"No, no!" answered Dai. "The wife, see. Taken ill, she was. Rushed into hospital on Christmas Eve ... died Boxing day".

"Oh No!" said Will. "That's awful! I'm so sorry!"

"Oh she went peaceful ... in her sleep ... so she didn't suffer".

"Must have been hard for you" said Will.

"It was, it was. But I believe, you see, like, so I managed to cope because God was with me".

"God got me through something similar" said Will.

"Oh I'm sorry!" said Dai. "Did you lose someone close?"

"No!" came back Will. "I lost my lottery ticket! I had a £150 winnings on it and I lost it, but God got me through it!"

A stunned Dai answered "But that's nothing like the same, like, is it?"

"Near enough" answered Will. "Near enough!"

"Yer a sinner, Will Williams! Yer a sinner!" snapped Dai as he made to get off the bus.


  1. Ah, you have to be careful to announce someone as a sinner, there are dark pages in everyone's book...


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