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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blogging with the Speed of Light

I remember, as some of you no doubt do too, the days when a PC was a box with a slit in it and a monitor.

Those where the days of 700 odd megabytes of memory and no hard drive.

Days of constant disk swapping and slow processing which, never the less, made us proud because, back then, we were pioneers; we belonged to the few who ventured into new and promising future.

Now, having ditched the antiquated device which once masqueraded as my laptop, I have find myself once again at the cutting edge ... well, almost ... of home computing technology.

Please say hello to my new 2.7 Gigahertz Samsung!

Yes, yes.

I know you can't actually see it, but it is indeed there ... or here ... and performing like a dream.

47 second boot and ... hahahahahahahahaha! Sorry! I get excited! ... and I can access all the sites and do all the things that my old (deceased) laptop would not allow.


Damned right I am!

So ... let's play catch, shall we?

The garage wall and roof:

Negotiations are underway for it's repair. It's going to be far more expensive that we first thought, but at least we are nearer to the job actually being done.
As for the wall ... we will wait for about six months to allow it to dry thoroughly before having it braced with steel rods.

The house roof:

I haven't mentioned this one yet, but we are getting that done too. Moss removed, guttering cleaned and firmly secured.

My car:

Well I have a new one, as I have already mentioned, but it is now mine ... ALL MINE!!!

The fence:

It's an on-going thing, I'm afraid. I have bought the remaining panels in order to complete the job, but the wind has saved me the trouble of removing the older panels by spreading them evenly (and in small pieces) throughout the neighbourhood.

Oh, there is so much more to tell and, no doubt one day I shall get around to reporting it all in detail.

But for now, I intend to try and find out how Windows 8 can piss me off even further.

It may (if reports from others are to be believed) be very good operating system but for an old DOS man like myself, it's going to be hard work.

Catch you later!


  1. New roof?! New car?! New computer?!!

    Heeeey. What's going on here, anyway?


  2. Sounds to me like you've won the lottery and aren't telling (or sharing)!

    Either that, or like the rest of us, you are now up to your eyeballs in debt.

    Have fun with the new computer! I'm terrified of Windows 8.


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