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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Another Week Draws To A Close

Today's side-order of rain has given me a good excuse not to mow the lawn.  Soggy gardens and a little bit of rain has never stopped me using the petrol mower before, but today it's an excuse that will have to do.

Just in case 'the wife' has other idea's, I've hidden the can of petrol.

My working week is drawing to a close and the new one is already looming!

All in all though, I've had a good, but busy week. Everything has gone smoothly and there have been no problems of any significance. Although my day is technically not over as I have one more call to make.

The gentleman who still awaits my visit is very concerned whenever I see him.

If I do my job ... he doesn't like it!

If I don't do my job ... he doesn't like it!

Ok ... so really, he just doesn't like his situation and lets his frustration out on me and my colleague (double handed call due to the client's infirmity).

Over the past week we have cleaned him from top to bottom (literally), dressed and undressed him twice daily.  We are always polite and friendly whereas he has at various times questioned out parentage, requested us to go forth and multiply, offered to assist our exit of the premises with his foot and told us to get off whilst giving us a slap!

Am I pi$$ed of by his behaviour?

Not in the slightest!

I've been seeing this young man for six years through the various worsening stages of his condition and I can assure you ... everyone of you ... that you would like him if you met him.

Everyone does!

Seeing him always reminds me of why I started doing this job.

Tired and over worked as I am, I will always have time for him.

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  1. The gentleman who whinges when you do your job and whinges if you don't, sounds like he's nit picking and is bored out of his brain :-).


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