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Friday, 1 April 2011

Taking It's Toll

I've got to admit that I'd much rather be flat on the sofa and snoring rather than writing anything for my blog.

But time is short and my mind is still sort of buzzing.

That tiredness I told you of is taking it's toll and I find myself quite often on the verge of snapping at someone who doesn't deserve it.  The one person I probably do snap at, albeit unknowingly, is my wife, Julie.  She put's up with it like a saint! But I'm sure if it get's too much for her ... well, she has a pretty good right hook is all I'll say!

When your are tired everything bugs you!

The voice of a woman on the radio this morning just infuriated me.  She was one of those wimpy, over girlie-fied types with a scratchy Olive Oyl voice and she used the word 'like' as a punctuation mark several times in every sentence.

I know, I could have listened to music or driven in silence, but that is the thing about being irritated by something or someone ... you listen or watch so that you can have a really good moan about it.
It sucks you in and you just have to continue listening.

And I did moan!

As she spoke I turned the air blue with my colourful complaints and comments.

It lasted for little more than fifteen to twenty minutes but, boy, did I feel better!

My rant (as I was driving it probably amused other road users) at this infuriating woman not only woke me up a little but also made me feel a lot better disposed towards actually working with people with learning problems today.

Speaking of work ... I have to go!


  1. better to rant at the radio than to rant at live humans!
    i hope you get some sleep this weekend.

  2. Listening to someone using 'like' as a punctuation mark is testing even after a good nights sleep! :o)


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