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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ted Nugent

I don't use tapes in my car (does anyone these day's?). The thought of them tangled up in the innards of my cassette player - which I don't have any more anyway - scares me.

That is why when I found a tape with the hand written label "Ted Nugent: Cat Scratch Fever, etc." I slapped it into the cassette deck in the study and recorded it onto CD straight away.

 There's nothing like a bit of a head-banging session whilst on my client-hopping round's
I was stunned and severely disappointed when this (minus video, of course) was all that I got...

The next time I find a tape that I want to copy onto CD, I'll check it's contents before wasting my time.


  1. Sounds a sensible idea to me :-).

  2. Oh wow that stinks. Maybe you could just download it or even go to the store to buy the CD?

    Either way I am giddy that we don't have tapes or VHS for that matter. Some how they always get caught or get ruined after a while. IPODS now on the other hand are fabulous CD's get scratched when not cared for properly or lent out to friends.


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