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Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Meaning Of Thingy-ma-bob ... Wossname ...

Normal service has been resumed and I would like to thank you all for your patience!

I have spent a lot of my free time (such of it there was) putting together a collection 
of pictures and giving them captions. I once had over 120 of them and was
thinking about maybe having them published.

Now I only have about 60 due to an unfortunate copying error which 
sadly wasn't noticed until my hard disk had been de-fragmented and cleaned.

You could describe that as a 'major bummer', although I have admit
that I thing 'F*&@ing catastrophe' is a far more accurate description.

What does the tittle have to do with this post?

Nothing at all.

That was the title of a post I submitted to my blog via Window's Live Writer
a few days ago, but for some reason it never saw the light of day.
I would re-post it now, but the draught copy is on a different PC and I don't have 
access to it at the moment.

I have been experiencing turbulence (not flatulence) at work recently.
One of my colleagues downed tools and walked off the job without giving notice.
This left us (me mostly) with a lot of extra calls to cover. 
This has left me with a general feeling of tiredness, of being unappreciated and of being 
a stranger in my own home.
I have only had two days off in the last eight weeks and I find myself
wishing that I was not one of those people who has trouble saying 'No' when it 
means I have to let someone down.

It's a hard wossname ... thingy-ma-bob ...


  1. It sucks big time to lose valued work and it's a great pity that we will never see them.
    Two days off in eight weeks? you have to be kidding...it's time to put your foot down before youre the next out the door.

  2. Been there done that but two days off in eight weeks that is a bit rich. It's time to put your foot down before you are carried out the door in a coffin :-).


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