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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Random Thought At 5.30 AM

It's 06.00 of the am ...

"The amazing thing about amazing people is just how amazing they are"

The above statement was made by a young woman on TV as part of her explanation as to why she hangs around theatre's, hotels and various other places waiting for her idol ... Lady Gaga!

She added " ... and she's amazing ...".

Maybe I'm too old to be able to appreciate Lady Dodo and her talents (that is what I'm assured she has) but I don't really think her music is that startling.  It's somewhat reminiscent of 80's + 90's dance music if you listen carefully.

What is remarkable about Lady Yoyo is her appearance ... her fashion sense, if you like ... which is designed to get her noticed and to get people talking.

Well, it certainly worked because people are taking the piss out of her throughout this Merry Old England of ours.

Lady Tata isn't my cup of tea ... she's just another Britney in even weirder clothes ... but she is probably going to be around for a while {sigh}.

I can't wait for the day she runs out of shock-costume ideas and has to re-invent herself.

I think I'll just retire to the music room and listen to my Sinatra records until she leaves the building.


  1. Sinatra is a good choice...

  2. Retire to the music room and listen to Sinatra give a me break listen to some music with balls like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin Uriah Heep etc, etc :-).


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