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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Haircut? The Simpson's Are To Blame!

So ... where was I?

Oh yes!

My haircut.

It's short ... very short ... and shows the world the degree to which my baldness has spread.  I had intended to post a picture or two so that you too could jeer/sympathise at/with my condition, but shame has gotten the better of me and I chickened out!

Sorry to all those ladies out there kink for bald guy's.  I know you will be disappointed.

So it was cut ... but it took a while as the queue was of old people with less hair than I have that only really go to the barber for a chat.

I know what you are thinking;  If I'm losing my hair, why go to the barbers at all?

It's because of the damned Simpson's ... that's why!

In particular Crusty The Clown!

That bastard ('scuse my directness here) has been a pain in my life ever since his first appearance on the show.

His hair sticks out at the side of his head.


Now so does mine!

Rampant growth above and behind my ears but nothing on top!

It's a hard life!

Now I always know when I need a haircut, even if I don't think it's too long, because people say ...

"Hear comes Crusty!"


  1. Cutting your hair short does that..I had mine cut very short, now as soon as it gets more than a couple of cm it sticks out all over the place...of course if I let it grow longer it will eventually flop down and look ok-ish. But I aint looking like a hedgehog for months....
    Ive got a full beard but have to have that cut short every Christmas too...little kids look at me with pleading eyes

  2. :-)

    Hats, my friend. Hats.


  3. Does your barber charge a finders fee?, you know to find your hair first then cut what's there :-).

  4. Who the hell is Crusty???? Yeah, I live under a rock.....


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