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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Don't Panic!

... but it is nearly Christmas!

So have you got everything under control?

Are your cards all written and ready to go?  Have you done all of your Christmas shopping?

What about that big feast you where thinking of?  Have you planned it yet?

Nah!  Neither have I!

To be absolutely frank ... to be 'slap-inna-face' honest, as I always am ... I don't like Christmas!

All the work that goes into a good family Christmas; all the effort and racing around to get everything you need; all that ... that ... that unappreciated sweat!

Then before you know it, it's all over.

All you are left with is a heap of wrapping paper, a kitchen full of dirty pots and pans, a lounge full of over-fed and snoring zombies and a bout indigestion that could drop a horse.

So why do we go through it year after year?

Well, for my part, I do it purely for the satisfaction of having it done and dusted ... and behind me ... so I can concentrate on being normal again!

For me, the word 'Humbug!', is a totally inadequate way of expressing my displeasure with the commercial torture which we know as Christmas!

Bah!  I am so tempted to go back through this text and replace all the capital C'c in Christmas with little c's!

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  1. I'm in total agreement with you on this one. I feel Christmas has been hijacked by the big shops, it's lost it's feeling and has become passe. Thats still no excuse for leaving the xmas shopping until the last week then doing it all in one or two visits to the shops like I do though.
    Kymbo at: http://tempo11.blogspot.com/


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