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Friday, 25 November 2011


So what is it really about?

I've heard the story, of course, about that infamous meal of turkey and corn that the settlers shared with the indigenous population and I only have one question ... How do the Indians celebrate Thanksgiving.

When you think about it, they really have no reason to celebrate, as that meal was, as far as their future a free people ... with lands and rights.

I don't mean to have a dig at Americans here ... I'm just curious. What do they do at Thanksgiving? 

I think I would have spent the whole day sticking pins in dolls, but that's just me.

Anyway, I hope you all had a nice day and are looking forward to a few days taking care of the leftovers.

I still haven't forgiven you guys for what you did to our tea.

Can you tell?



  1. As a kid, Thanksgiving was amazing. We were given a brief, warm and fuzzy view of the "First Thanksgiving": Squanto helped the Pilgrims make it though their first difficult winter and they had a three-day celebration.

    Conveniently, the part about Squanto being kidnapped to be sold into slavery in Spain is left out. As well as when he was returned home, his entire village was wiped out by smallpox.

    During the American Revolution, I think multiple "Days of Thanks" were observed to keep up morale and President Lincoln did the same during our Civil War. It was a national holiday until FDR declared it as such during the Great Depression.

    So, it all started with a trusting native. I suppose it's a day to celebrate immigrants, but that was forgotten long ago.

  2. The Indians? Weep, I would suppose.

    Someone at work the other day said it just didn't FEEL like Thanksgiving to her, it being unseasonably warm for the last three days, and I told her maybe it would feel more authentic if we ran out and stole someone's land.

    THAT little statement was met with absolute silence.

    :-) Pearl

  3. Hmm, I hadn't thought about that before....I'm not sure whether they celebrate or not.

    And what did we do to your tea? Make it iced? ;-)

  4. I think the Indians raise the odds at the craps table.
    Okay, serious now...they probably DO weep.
    From Puritans to Red Sox fans-Massachusetts has been full of troublemakers throughout American history.
    Hey, sorry about the tea. We gave you Madonna to make up for it. Oops, that's probably not a good thing, is it?

  5. Loved Pearls comment..
    Here in Australia the natives call Australia Day 'Invasion Day' and I guess the Indians would feel the same. Just like in the Americas, the native population was pretty much wiped out by disease way before the whites actually started shooting the survivors.
    at: http://tempo11.blogspot.com/


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