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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hitler Caused It All!

I'm short on time today so let's press on, shall we?

This guy, let's call him Donald, whom I bumped into in a cafe, stunned me yesterday by telling me all about how Adolf Hitler started the Korean War by invading Japan ... which is in Mongolia, apparently!

No, no, no!  I know what you are thinking, but you are wrong!  Donald was not, and has never been,a client of mine.  He was, more than likely,a client of someone though.

For a second ... but only for a second ... I thought of correcting him but then the inquisitive side of me took over and decided to see exactly where this conversation would end.

"It was all Hitler's fault" he said. "He sank the Titanic you know!"

He went from this revelation straight into a tirade about the local town council and how they could improve  public transport by simply giving everyone a car!

"And it all started when Archduke wosshisname let himself get assassassass ... killed!"

"That was World War 1" I ventured.

"Nah!  That was Hitler as well" he replied. "He did that because of all that time he had to spend writing a book about Karl Marx or something."

Thankfully at this moment his sausage, egg and chips arrived.

I drained the dregs of my coffee and said "I'm off, before Hitler invades this joint looking for a sandwich!"

But I had already been forgotten as Donald tucked into his meal.


  1. That Hitlers got a lot to answer for you know... He's been out in the Southern Ocean harpooning our Whales again and just to be mean he started the world wide financial meltdown...
    Ahh, it must be comforting to have a brain injury, all those facts fitting nicely together in whatever fasion you want...today! (for tomorrow is a whole new day)
    Cheers Kymbo

  2. Hitler was a vegetarian. Connection, maybe? :) lol


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