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Thursday, 14 June 2012

For My Girl Sox

Soul Salvation

(G. Turnbull, Feb 2011)

Hardship made you lose all trust,
and sorrow turned your heart to frost.
Loneliness through the cold hard days,
memories of a family long ago lost.
Fear and anger fill your soul,
as alone you sit inside a cage.
No salvation in sight,
just cold and bitter rage.
Day after day,
night after night.
Engulfed in sadness,
with no way to fight.

then ...

Come, said a voice
right by your ear, 
Walk with me,
and have no fear.
I'll show you life,
as it ought be.
I'll show you love,
just wait, you'll see.
I will teach,
but I too will learn.
For your trust and love,
I hope to earn.
Stay with me,
until the end.
Be my companion, 
my confidant and friend

and many years form now

I will ease your crossing,
and hold you as you sleep. 
And as I wish a fond farewell,
I shall promise not to weep.
But now,
I think it's that time of day!
Get your ball,
and let's go play!

An Old Dog's Plea 

(G. Turnbull, Jan 2011)

So tired, 
so weak.
Could you please help me find,
the peace I seek?
But bide with me,
til my time is done.
And be glad for me,
for soon I will run.
Into the light,
towards green fields.
Where I can be free for ever,
when this body yields.
But cry no tears,
feel no sadness.
I will be released,
from this earthly madness.

More than 'just a dog'

(G. Turnbull, June 2010)

There is no beginning,
there is no end,
my love is yours forever,
my little doggy friend.

There are no strings,
there are no rules.
And to those who think you are 'just a dog',
I say to them, they are fools!

They don't know,
and they can't comprehend,
how a 'just a dog'
can become more than a friend.

I tell you my worries,
I share with you my woes,
and you calm my fears,
with a lick on the nose.

You are always there,
you are always near,
and with you by my side,
there is nothing to fear.

More than 'just a dog',
that is patently clear.
You are my confidant,
and I hold you so dear!


  1. Very poignant. I can only imagine how much you miss Sox. Take care.

  2. Written from the heart. Hope you're doing ok George ((hugs))


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