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Thursday, 5 July 2012

The 5th Of July

I hope all of my Colonial Cousins noticed how quiet I was yesterday?

It was, after all Your Day ... The 4th of July (even though some say that The Declaration of Independence was actually signed on the 2nd of July or even as late as the 2nd of August).

In this current economic climate and time of heightened political tension, I thought it would be better if I didn't add to your troubles.

But today is the 5th of July, so here goes ...

236 years!

That is as long as you've had bloody America!

And you've bleedin' well broke it!

Well, at least that's what some analysts are saying.

America, they say, is closer to the brink of disaster than ever before.

So, ask yourselves honestly, 'Could we (Brits) have done any worse than all those American politicians over the years'?

I think not!

I mean, what if those Bostonians hadn't thrown that tea over board?  What if the tea tax had been paid with smiles on faces?

What if Mr Washington had said "Sorry, I can't lead your army. I'm washing my hair that day!"

And what if we didn't come second in the War of Independence and you still owed fealty to HRH Queen Elizabeth?

So, as you probably all woke up this morning in a fragile state, complete with party hangovers, let me just say, I hope you're pleased with yourselves!

Now, if any of you wish to return to the fold, as it were, I'm sure I could put a good word in for you!


  1. America did great things for Australia though... The British had just got it's nose bloodied by the Yanks when Australia started wanting more freedoms from the British Isles. Rather than another fruitless war the fragile British gave in to many of the demands made. Thus Australia gained freedom of rule without losing many of it's finest young men as the Americans had.

    1. And now even your girl guides don't wanna know our poor ol' Queenie!

  2. You're saying you'd take us back? Are you nuts? The last thing you guys need right now is to take on our messes.

    1. Hmmm! I think we might be convinced to let the good looking rich girlies in. What d'ya think?

  3. The great What If? :) Being as I come from a great linage out of Your Fair Country mmmm. I might come back and visit,only if you have weather like Alabama USA... (Thank ya'll for the laugh)

    1. I'm afraid we can't guarantee weather like you have in Al O'bama land.

      Thanks for popping in.

  4. As the notable citizen of the British Empire, George Orwell, once noted:

    "War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength ..."

    1. We all know what a silly-billy Orwell was, don't we!


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