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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sister Mary

I bumped into Sister Mary from the local Irish Seaman's Mission the other day. 
She was suffering from a bad bout of the hiccough's.

I cured her hiccough's by pointing at her little pot belly and asking when the baby is due!

She looked shocked and after a short silence she said "Oi'm a nun, bejeezus! How the divel am oi goin'  to get pregnant?"

"Well, you might have dressed up as an alter boy, sister, and ..."




  1. Hahahaha. At least you are going to be popular for the weekly bingo.

    1. There are too many catholic's around here for me to be popular.

  2. LOL!!!!

    I would have rolled in the floor with laughter.

  3. But did you cure her hiccoughs?

  4. Has the curse cut in yet...you are in so much trouble when you get the the Pearly Gates

    1. I expect a slap from Gabriel when I go through those gates.

  5. Ow! I started chuckling at the colorful dialect.


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