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Monday, 2 July 2012


You're a man of the world, Bert
Worrrrrl, yes! I've had my experiences. Dabbled in loads of things, I have.
So you're a knowledgeable man then, are you?
Oh, yes! Knowledge is my middle name.
Y...you...you changed your middle name, did you?
Did you change your middle name? Because I always thought it was Dennis.
I was speaking wossname ... thingy! I haven't actually changed my name.
Oh! I see.  Wossname. Right.
That's right! Anyway, what's on your mind?
I was wondering ... do you know what 'destitution' is?
Who you been talking to?
's not true! 's a lie!
Oh my God! Have you been on the streets?
No...no... well, yes. But I was a student back then and I had money troubles, all right?
Oh! You poor man!
Well, at first, yes. But I was popular and made a lot of money very quickly ....
You managed to make money by being homeless and in dire need?
... but my backside ... What?
Being homeless and/or in dire need is the definition of 'Destitution'.
Oh! I thought you said ...


  1. Thats quite a conversation....

  2. Quite funny. A two fold revelation from Bert: he's rather dim-witted, and quite pragmatic when it comes to earning money.

    1. There must be quite a few "Bert's" out there somewhere.

  3. Just what I needed today!

    1. Your needed to be destitute?

      Or did you want a .... ?


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