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Thursday, 15 September 2011


Intelligence, per se, is a fine thing.  Everyone should have some!

But there are some ... geniuses we call them ... that are somewhat over endowed in the little gray cell department. They hover constantly at dizzying intellectual heights conjugating and theorising; contemplating and postulating; designing and extemporising. Yet they are prone, as in deed we all are, to the effects of bubbles.

Little  bubbles!

And each one of those little bubbles has the ability to lower, even though it's just for a moment, the IQ of the most intellectually gifted of us an leave us (yes, I think I'm gifted!) looking pretty stupid.

Of course I'm talking about those little moments that occur just before we cringe and utter those immortal words "Oh my God! Did I really do that?"

Like the time I said to a man twice my size and with more muscle between his ears than brain "C'mon then pal!  If you think you're hard enough!"

I won't tell  you the outcome of that little tete a tete other than to say that I lost a tooth.

But it was one of those moments where I walked into one of those bubbles and lost all sense of common sense and my intelligence let me down.

In the cold light of day (and in the absence of stupidity bubbles) it would never have occurred to me to do something like that.

I must have stumbled into a fair few of those little buggers in my time.

How many have you bumped into?

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