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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I Have A Cold ...

... and it'th given me a lithp!

Sthupid, I know, but it'th thomething that alwayth happenth to me.

You'd be thurprithed at how many folkth come to our houth when I have a cold jutht to athk me to thay 'Mithithippi'.

My wife, ath uthual, ith withing me a thpeedy recovery becauth theth really thick of me thpitting out my wordth!


  1. i couldn't read this without trying to thay every thilly thing you wrote, jutht the way your wrote it. thankth a lot.

  2. Tho pleathed for you! Now, jutht suppothe everyone thpoke like uth? The world be tho full of thpittle!

  3. Sounds like me after a face full of novocaine. Like to look in my rearview mirror on the way home and say things like "thespian" and "Thursday".



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