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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

It's Coming!!!

My head already hurts.

The talk, in the circle I frequent, is already turning towards Christmas.

I haven't recovered from the stress and cost of the last one and already people are pushing the unavoidable prospect of another one under my nose.

I really should speak to my therapist about this!

Shopping expeditions are no longer the strategically designed 'in and out' exercises they once were, as I am now 'ordered' to keep my eyes open for suitable presents - "... but cheap ones, mind you! We don't want people thinking we like them!"

Like the surfer that has just found a ripple that is destined to become the perfect wave, I feel compelled to ride it to shores of  Christmas and beyond.

I just wish Christmas wasn't so commercialised and that we could return to the uncomplicated Christmases of old, where the Christmas spirit started to flow at the end of November and not a moment sooner.

I wish the media would wait until the smell of an on-rushing frost was in the air before peppering us with ad after ad.  

I wish my parents were still around so that they could take charge of the present buying and I could sit back and just relax until the big day.

I wish ...


Everyone's getting handkerchiefs again this year.

Now if only I could remember which colours they had?


  1. i agree. a lot of the glory of christmas has been sucked away by all the buying & spending that seems necessary to make it all happen. blech.

  2. Bloody Christmas! It's lost it's shine for me...it's all about $$$ these days. I keep trying to inject some love of family and togetherness but my kids just dont have it in them...


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