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Sunday, 18 September 2011


... used to be such a relaxing day.

It used to be, as I remember from my childhood days, a slow, quiet and boring day that ding-donged it'sway through the morning, siesta'd it's way through the afternoon.  The only excitement of the day was when Song Of Praise was on TV in the evening and granny would say "Oooh!  Harry Secombe! He as a Goon, ya know".

Granny didn't often spoke of her past, other than the occasional "In my day we ... " rebuke, but when Harry Secombe appeared on Songs Of Praise the the flood gates would open and she would recount tales of how she and the family would gather around the Bakelite encased radio and listen to the Goon show.

"He's fallen in the water!" she would always say, in a poor impersonation of  Bluebottle.

"Peter Sellers was Bluebottle." my dad would always counter. "Secombe played Neddy Seagoon!"

Mentally, granny was as sharp as knife, but she did have that little black hole in her memory when it came to who-played-who in the Goon Show.

Anyway, as I grew up I must have heard that little exchange at least a few hundred times.  I was interested in Harry Secombe. As far as this school boy could see, he was just an old man talking and singing (hymns!  Yawn!) so I paid him no heed.

But I must admit that grannies tales of the Goon Show got me interested and when they started re-running the shows on Sunday afternoons, I became hooked.  It didn't matter what I was doing, I would always make sure that at 11.30 on Sunday's that I would be listening to the show.

The Man Who Won The War (Seagoon MCC) is currently on the BBC iPlayer, if you are interested.
(you'll have scroll forward to about 2 minutes 40 seconds)

Now, what was it I was going to tell you?

Erm ... I know I was going to tell you something important.

Maybe it'll come back to me.


  1. I've got most of the Goons classics on my iPod and listen to them from time to time, not being quite old enough to remember the political events at the time and not being English I miss some of the subtleties of what they're talking about...but funny is funny!

  2. They are good and will probably be repeated forever.


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